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Why So Much Violence? Hug those close to you.

on October 4, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, one of my cousins lost her life in senseless act of violence.  She was 28 years old. I wasn’t close to her, I remember seeing her last when she was a kid and I saw her mother over the summer when I was home. Her mom, my great aunt was excited to tell me and my grandmother about my cousin, her kids, and how much she loved all of them; that she worried because they had moved quite far from home.

My cousin was murdered by her boyfriend. They had one child together, the baby girl is barely 1 year old.  Not only was my cousin murdered, but the baby was left alone for hours or days.  Fortunately, the wee one is unscathed physically. My cousin also had three other children.  When you read stories of murders, mass killings, wars on the other side of the world.  You see it and you wonder about what causes people to snap, then you get your coffee and go on to the next news article. When violence hits this close to home you really stop and reflect on all the bad.  This guy not only killed his daughter’s mom he essentially orphaned his daughter.  If he’s convicted, the state they lived in still has the death penalty.

I’ve been checking news articles and there is not really much information on what caused the incident. It’s just been said to have been a domestic case. I think I’m still dumbfounded. My aunt really isn’t doing well, the family is very close lipped on what is happening with the kids and no one wants to talk about it.

As a mom and a daughter, I’m just feel sick about it all.  I can’t imagine what my poor aunt must be feeling.  Just even trying to think about the loss of my daughter at any age makes me physically ill; just the thought causes instant tears. I lost my mom to cancer when she was only 38.  I’d give anything to be able to caller her, tell her about her grand kid. As a daughter, who misses her mom everyday, I’m angry that this person decided it was his right to put these kids in a situation were they will not only miss their mom, they will be lucky to remember her because of their ages.  The youngest one now has to grow up without her mom, her dad will more than likely be in jail, and she will know that it was her dad that killed her mom.

I have these questions:

  • What gave him the right to decide to destroy all of these lives?
  • What happened between them to cause this?
  • Was there a mental problem?
  • Just why?

Will I ever have answers? Probably Not.

I offer this advice to all, take a minute today, tomorrow, everyday, to hug your children and loved ones.  Tell them how much they mean to you because you never know when you may never have the chance again.


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