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The Badpiper! Kilt Wearing, Flaming Bagpipe playing, Punk Rocking Aussie!

on October 9, 2013

So, I’m usually not intrigued by things I see as “gimmicky”; however, when a friend told me about some dude wearing a kilt and playing flaming bag pipes I thought I actually might need to see this.  Then they sent me a link to this guy called The BadPiper.  I found myself cranking the speakers on my PC and head banging along for a couple of minutes, despite the fact my toddler was giving me the “Are you o.k., Momma, look?” Then she started dancing along too!

This is the link they sent to me.  The Baddie playing Thunderstruck by AC/DC.

I’m hooked on the music.  I love bagpipes and rock music; hearing him play just gets that bit of my Scottish blood up and dancing. Not only is the music great, The BadPiper, Cam McAzie, is also not afraid to talk to his fans.  He’s usually chatting it up on his Facebook page, responding to inquiries, answering questions, and just basking in some new found fame!

 If you like rock music, men in kilts, punk rockers, and/or bagpipe music,  you must


Seriously, boys and girls, how can you not love a punk rocker, in a leather kilt (worn the right way), playing a set of flaming bagpipes?


Personal Website:

Product Promo: TheBadpiper!

Again, listen to the music, like his Facebook page, and buy his CD’s.  I promise I don’t know him personally, I just like his Bad self and his music!


5 responses to “The Badpiper! Kilt Wearing, Flaming Bagpipe playing, Punk Rocking Aussie!

  1. As well as playing fab music, Cam is a really nice guy.

  2. WhoseEarHoosier says:

    I love AC/DC, but really, you had me at “flaming bag pipes.” This is excellent!

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