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Fall Colds aka The Plague

on October 24, 2013

So, sorry for the long absence, we’ve been traveling through my hometown area, where cell phone signal, data plans, and most internet goes to die. I’ll write more about my trip this week and post some photos. The wild life was out in droves and no I’m not talking about the people.

As the title states, its time for the plague at our house. It’s a fall cold but thanks to our ability to pass it back and forth to each other it eventually turns into the plague and definitely out stays it’s welcome.  Luckily, so far its only the parents that are suffering. I can only wish the small one doesn’t get it. Her dad tends to end up with bronchitis no matter what kind of cold or congestion he starts with.

We try hot tea, vitamin C, Echinacea(Sp?), and a few more before going to the doctor. I loved those Vick’s shower thingies.  I haven’t seen them around in ages though.  You know the ones where you throw this disc of vapor rub stuff in the shower and stand there in the warm steamy medicated goodness. I might have to go hunting at the pharmacies tomorrow if I can drag my snotty nosed, sneezing, coughing self out of the house.

What are some things ya’ll do to fight off colds?  Any special mom recipes, old wive’s tales? The only thing I remember is a kid was my grandma wanting to rub ground hog fat infused with herbs on my chest or shove it down my throat. Nasty stuff. Yes, I did grow up in the sticks.

Have a good day! Thank goodness sniffles and nasties aren’t shared through the internet.


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