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Green Mom’s Meet, Why We Try to Eat Healthier, and Pacific Soup Starters

Green Mom’s Meet

I’m a Green Mom’s Meet Ambassador.  What that means is I host a group of mom’s and dad’s once or twice a month, either at my house or at a location we choose, and we discuss parent issues like potty training, diapers, all the things kid related and it gets us out of the house.

After we all got together a few times, I discovered Green Mom’s Meet.  It’s a great website that let’s mom’s chat about all the things, “kid” and find ways to help keep our families healthy and try to live organic, green, and healthy.  If you’re interested check them out at the above website. You don’t have to be an Ambassador to join in the conversations and enjoy the information. I really like the site and I love that you can read about companies that offer a wide variety of foods for different diets. You can find organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, free-range; places that make simple delicious food with simple delicious ingredients.  I know I sound like a running ad for these guys but I firmly believe if I can’t pronounce it I probably should be eating it and this website helps me find information and products that help me live a little better.

The Why

Now, let me say, I am far from a health nut. I grew up a chunky kid, I’m a chunky adult.  I’m not morbidly obese but like most people I could use some extra exercise and I could eat a bit better.  However, after finding out I was pregnant and thinking about the future, the other half and I decided to work on our eating habits (we’ve made a lot of good changes) and to make sure our daughter grew up eating healthier than we did as kids. I grew up on fried Southern foods and he grew up on fast food. Now, we all know neither of those are really good for you on a regular basis.  We don’t eat fried foods except when I get a biscuits and gravy craving, The most fast food we had was when we were traveling a few weeks ago…I forgot to pack the snacks.  I will say, that after eating fairly non-greasy fresh foods, then having the random fast food cheeseburger, I remembered why I don’t eat that crap very often.  It was delicious going down…then I felt my body give me the “yuck” feeling.

So, back to the why.  After growing up fat and being fat as an adult and knowing the mental and physical struggles of trying to lose weight after gaining it, re-learning to eat healthy vs. eating whatever, and knowing that we didn’t want our daughter to have the same struggles, we’ve made sure the majority of her and our food was fresh fruits and veggies with lean meats. I also developed gestational diabetes while I was pregnant and I was determined to do whatever I needed to diet and exercise wise to not need insulin shots. I succeeded. Our goal now is to feed her fresh home cooked foods as much as possible using the best ingredients I can find. I want her to pick an apple over a candy bar when she has the option. Having her has made us realize that we need to eat better for us and for her.

Pacific Soup Starter

As a Mom Ambassador, I was picked to sample Pacific Tortilla Soup Starter. It’s from Pacific Foods. Besides the soup starters they offer non-dairy drinks (hemp and almond), soups, beans, cranberry sauces, turkey gravy, lots of great things. Pacific also has a recipe site that let’s you search based on dietary needs or specific food items.

With the sampling, we tried the Tortilla soup starter with Organic vegetarian re-fried beans mixed in. I followed the recipe from Pacific, found here. In the sampling kit, Pacific sent a great recipe using all our ingredients. My mom’s and I decided to hit the Pacific website and found we wanted to add a little more “spice” to things.  So we used the recipe linked and also made Spanish Rice, another recipe in our sampling kit.  I used all organic vegetables, cheese, and had organic chicken set aside for those non vegetarians that wanted to add it to their soup. I even managed to find organic sour cream.  Putting the bowls of soup together was almost as much fun as cooking and eating.  Everyone started with the soup and added extra veggies, onion, sour cream, cheese, tortilla rounds to personalize it to each one’s own tastes.

Let me tell you, everyone loved the flavors; even the kids. You could easily use the soup starter as a soup by itself without adding any extras. It has a low heat, spicy flavor. Enough to give the soup some zing without causing you to need a fire extinguisher to kill the burn. I know this sounds weird but it just tastes fresh, like something that would come out of my own kitchen. Even with the added soup ingredients you could still get a great taste of the spices and vegetables used in the soup starter.  We had a few people that wanted a little more spice so they added some extra chili’s to their soup. Just writing about is enough to make me want to make a kettle. It’s quick, tasty, easy, and delicious, especially on these cool North East, Up-state NY days. I’m going to use the soup starter in my next pot of chili. I think the tomato base with the added spices will definitely give it a little extra something.

So, the long and short is, if you want some great tortilla soup, try the Pacific Tortilla Soup Starter. It contains ingredients you can pronounce, tastes wonderful, is healthier, and is easy to use. I can’t wait to try their other products and soup starters. The other half has requested we try their French Onion Starter next.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Check out the Green Mom’s Meet website, too.  Some fun foods and great ideas!

~~I’m the Mommy

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