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Fall Colds aka The Plague

So, sorry for the long absence, we’ve been traveling through my hometown area, where cell phone signal, data plans, and most internet goes to die. I’ll write more about my trip this week and post some photos. The wild life was out in droves and no I’m not talking about the people.

As the title states, its time for the plague at our house. It’s a fall cold but thanks to our ability to pass it back and forth to each other it eventually turns into the plague and definitely out stays it’s welcome.  Luckily, so far its only the parents that are suffering. I can only wish the small one doesn’t get it. Her dad tends to end up with bronchitis no matter what kind of cold or congestion he starts with.

We try hot tea, vitamin C, Echinacea(Sp?), and a few more before going to the doctor. I loved those Vick’s shower thingies.  I haven’t seen them around in ages though.  You know the ones where you throw this disc of vapor rub stuff in the shower and stand there in the warm steamy medicated goodness. I might have to go hunting at the pharmacies tomorrow if I can drag my snotty nosed, sneezing, coughing self out of the house.

What are some things ya’ll do to fight off colds?  Any special mom recipes, old wive’s tales? The only thing I remember is a kid was my grandma wanting to rub ground hog fat infused with herbs on my chest or shove it down my throat. Nasty stuff. Yes, I did grow up in the sticks.

Have a good day! Thank goodness sniffles and nasties aren’t shared through the internet.

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The Badpiper! Kilt Wearing, Flaming Bagpipe playing, Punk Rocking Aussie!

So, I’m usually not intrigued by things I see as “gimmicky”; however, when a friend told me about some dude wearing a kilt and playing flaming bag pipes I thought I actually might need to see this.  Then they sent me a link to this guy called The BadPiper.  I found myself cranking the speakers on my PC and head banging along for a couple of minutes, despite the fact my toddler was giving me the “Are you o.k., Momma, look?” Then she started dancing along too!

This is the link they sent to me.  The Baddie playing Thunderstruck by AC/DC.

I’m hooked on the music.  I love bagpipes and rock music; hearing him play just gets that bit of my Scottish blood up and dancing. Not only is the music great, The BadPiper, Cam McAzie, is also not afraid to talk to his fans.  He’s usually chatting it up on his Facebook page, responding to inquiries, answering questions, and just basking in some new found fame!

 If you like rock music, men in kilts, punk rockers, and/or bagpipe music,  you must


Seriously, boys and girls, how can you not love a punk rocker, in a leather kilt (worn the right way), playing a set of flaming bagpipes?


Personal Website:

Product Promo: TheBadpiper!

Again, listen to the music, like his Facebook page, and buy his CD’s.  I promise I don’t know him personally, I just like his Bad self and his music!


What Halloween Costumes Are You Anticipating For Your Little One(s)?

I have been wondering the same thing, Go-Go Daddy couldn’t have said it better!

Go-Go Daddy and Me

Fall is finally here and Halloween is slowly creeping up. Last year we celebrated Aria’s first Halloween and it was the best Halloween for me since I was 10 years old. Aria was a stellar Princess Leia and the force was strong with her.

This year we are planning on doing a trio costume theme. Saga is a comic book written by Brian K. Vaughn and Illustrated by Fiona Staples (Fiona was considered as Aria’s name in the beginning. My wife vetoed it). It depicts two lovers from long-warring extraterrestrial races, Alana and Marko, fleeing authorities from both sides of a galactic war as they struggle to care for their newborn daughter, Hazel, who occasionally narrates the series. Aria was in my wife’s belly when this first came out and so it wasn’t a surprise that it resonated with me (The having a new born daughter and being two separate races…

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Burning Man from above

Burning Man from above.
Check this out.  Just an amazing photo!

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A Day Out With the Family

A Day Out With the Family

So nice, spending the day out with the family before work and getting to hear the small one giggle when the ducks took the bite of bread from her. Of course, that changed as soon as one ornery duck decided to nibble on her finger. Of course, when you’re expecting the nibble, it tickles. When you’re an almost two year old, getting nibbled on by a duck elicits a hand on the hip, finger in the air, “No, No, BAD duck” response. Yeah, you’re right, at that moment I couldn’t have saved her from a flock of wild nibbling ducks for laughing. Afterwards, anytime the duck got to close, he was given a stern, “Bad duck”. Moments like this make me realize there’s nothing better than being a mommy.

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All is Right With the World

All is Right With the World

Beautiful. There are times I miss living next to the ocean and the beach. The tourists were terrible during the summer, but there’s nothing as peaceful, grounding, and wonderful, as sitting in the sand and watching the waves come in.

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I love staying home with my daughter

I’ve been thinking about stay at home moms and dads  a lot the last few days.  I’ve had a few people be rude and snarky to me because I stay home with my daughter and only work part-time.

Why do I stay home with my daughter and why is it anyone else’s business?  The short answer is because it’s the right thing to do for my family and for my daughter. My daughter and my other half are the center of my world. My daughter was a very pleasant surprise when I had reached a point where being a mom was not a reality. I love that little person more than I can describe. I have only one, she will be young once, if I miss any of the firsts, I will never get them back. I know my decision is not the best for everyone.

What I don’t understand is why a mom or dad staying home with their small child seems to be such a foreign concept to people.  I’m amazed by the derision from some women, “Oh, you stay home? Must be nice to do nothing all day…” Then, there’s the “Must be nice to be able to afford to stay home.” Then, I get snide comments from a grandparent basically telling me, it’s my “job” to work outside the home full-time and let her watch my daughter; that she worked full-time while her kids were growing up, they turned out fine.

To those that think I do nothing all day, are you nuts?  I’ve worked a full-time job, then picked another part-time job in my spare time.  I will tell you, I work harder chasing this small energetic heathen around and attempting to keep my house clean, food on the table, laundry clean and folded, than I ever did working 60+ hours a week for a company.  I also work part-time on the man’s days off and I’m a student.  Believe me the only moment of nothing I have is getting a 2-second drink of coffee.

To those snarky, “affordable” comments. When we calculated the costs of daycare versus what we were making, it didn’t make financial sense for both of us to work full-time and give a daycare provider, what would essentially be half of our paychecks.  When we made the decision for one of us to stay home, we knew we would be living lean. We have a place to live, we have food on the table, we pay our bills, we take care of our daughter’s needs, and there are very few luxuries. It’s affordable because we were and are willing to make material sacrifices to have one of us home with our daughter all the time.

To the grandparent, I understand that you want to watch the small one and enjoy being a grandparent.  However, this is my daughter. I understand you made choices that you had to to take care of your family, you missed a lot of the “firsts” and time with your children. I’m sorry for this; it still does not give you any special entitlements to my daughter. We will let you see her when we can, just like we do with all of her other grandparents.

Am I looking forward to getting back to work full-time and bringing home a bigger paycheck, sure; it will be nice to have a few extra things.  What I can tell you though is this, for me and my little family, there is no amount of money that can replace knowing that we get to hear her first words, that we get to see her personality grow, that we get to spend time as a family, that I get to see the world through her eyes, and knowing that I’m the one influencing her growth as a person.


9/11/2001 Where were you?

Like every American and most of the rest of the world, this is a date I will never forget. I’m sure everyone will be writing something about it.  I wanted to share my experience. I lived in Rochesters, NY at the time. I lived more than six hours away from New York City. I was on my way to work; I had volunteered to pick up a fellow associate. I didn’t turn on the news that morning.  I didn’t know what was happening. I thought it was a nice fall day, I was going to go to work, come home, and have an enjoyable evening.

I turned on the radio in my car and that’s when I heard the first reports from a local DJ. I remember hearing about the first plane hitting the World Trade Center. At the time, it was thought that it was just a plane crash, some type of pilot error.  I was listening to the live reports until I made it to my friends house.  She asked if I had heard the news, I said yes, she invited me in to see the news coverage while she finished gathering her work items.  While I was there, watching live, she and I saw the plane hit the other tower.  We knew at that moment, this was not an accident.  I can’t even describe the sick feeling I had in my stomach, the fight to not cry, the worry for people I knew living in NYC, for friends who had loved ones living there.

Even though we wanted to stay glued to the television we went on to our job. I worked retail. I remember walking in and it was all anyone could talk about.  We had customers that didn’t believe it. People who had not see the news. So, many that learned what was happening and rushed out and home to check on their friends and family.  The phone lines were already jammed with people calling. We had an old television in our break room that we pulled to the front of the store so all associates and customers could see what was happening.  We watched as the news reported the strike on the Pentagon, the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania. There was such a feeling of helplessness…  Then, we watched as people terrified, bewildered, began to jump from the top of the towers. Then, I remember looking away from the live action and hearing the screams from the TV, as the first tower collapsed.  It was surreal. We all sat there just staring at the television trying to comprehend what we just saw. Many were in denial, this isn’t happening, we are going to wake up and find this was a bad dream.

Our store was eerily quiet that day, we had very few customers.  Some with tears, some angry at the world, everyone wanting to do something.  Except one woman, I’ll never forget her.  It’s one of the few times in my life I felt the urge to perform a violent act on a perfect stranger.  It was shortly after the second tower had fell. We were still dazed, confused, no way to express the sadness… and this woman wanted a box of envelopes, she had to have a box of envelopes.  We got her a box of envelopes.  She was rude, mean, and then said the words that made me start to doubt humanity even more.  She wanted to know why we weren’t smiling, and happy, that’s what we got paid to do.  That we should turn that “shit” off and do our jobs.  We weren’t getting paid to stand around and watch TV.  I asked if she had seen the news, that many of us were concerned for family and loved ones.  Her reply, “what do I care? I don’t have anyone there.  I have my own life, I’m too busy to worry about others.”

Really?  REALLY?  More than 3,000 people had just died in a terrorist attack, we didn’t know what else was going to happen, and this woman, was more interested in a freaking box of envelopes.   

Around noon that day, we finally got permission to close our store.  Most employees hadn’t shown up anyway. We were told to go home, hug our loved ones, try to contact our families.  

I remember getting home and thinking how quiet it was.  There were few cars on the road.  No planes in the sky,  just silence.  The rest of the evening was spent in front of television, the computer, listening to the radio.  Just trying to find out what else was going to happen. The entire evening, into the night was spent just listening to the quiet.  Nothing stirred.

I remember just sitting quietly, in fear of what the future was going to hold.  We all knew there was going to be military action, I had friends in the military.  I worried for them. I mourned for the people killed in the attacks and I mourned for the country.  I mourned for what was…there was an innocence lost that day. 

I still mourn for what was.

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